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Thing #22 – Digital Media November 18, 2008

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Alright, I KNOW this has been said before, but MOLDI is literally one of the most unappealing product names I can think of. Mold? Gross. Why not just name your site Books And Related Free Items (BARFI) or Popular Options: On-Demand, Portable, and Digitzed (POOPD). I wonder how popular the iPod would have been if it had been named the iPunchintheface.

Anyway. In a way, I sort of think MOLDI is the future of the library. People will soon tire of driving around and looking at the faces of the disheveled masses just to pick up a product they could easily download (see: books, music, and movies) from the comfort of their futon, kitchen table, or red panda den. But at the same time, I don’t think MOLDI is used all that much. Maybe more titles, better marketing, and the all important device compatibility (“Why can’t I listen to these books on my iPunchintheface?!”) will change that. I found some titles I might be interested in, but it looks like different titles can be played on a differing variety of devices; it doesn’t seem consistent. Or hey, maybe library folks are library folks, and they want to come to the library. Only time will tell.


One Response to “Thing #22 – Digital Media”

  1. whybrary Says:

    “disheveled masses” = northside customers… you might also add “tire of driving around and smelling the disheveled masses.” another post that puts you in the lead to win the award for funniest 23 things blog at the end of the year 23 things blogs award ceremony. which isn’t so much a ceremony as it is me sitting and silently judging people while i’m on the ref desk.

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