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Thing #23 – The end November 29, 2008

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Dear Reader(s),

It fills my small red panda heart with tears to say that we have reached the end of our journey here. Fortunately I am even more adorable when sad:


But all is not lost! I have gained much by navigating the mysterious mysteries of The Internets with you:

I learned: Even though I had used most of these tools before, I tried to do something new with each one so I would still learn something. For example, I already have a blog using Blogger, so I learned how to use WordPress instead.

I played: I immensely enjoyed reading my co-workers’ blogs. It turns out they are ALL CRAZY. This brings me great comfort and joy. I hope to continue hearing about their gun-buying, “Shoes”-watching, chipmunk-dodging adventures IRL.

I hope we get to do more activities like this in the future. In addition to being a nice break from the monotony of the customer service desk, I like feeling like I’m allowed to work on things that are helpful to me even though they may fall outside the realm of my most basic, everyday duties. If we do this again, it would be cool to see an “advanced” track for people who have already mastered the basics. I would be interested in learning more about things like HTML or photo and video editing, for example.

It is time for me to go now, but do not be sad, my tasty pancakes. Red pandas can live up to 14 years; this is just the beginning…


2 Responses to “Thing #23 – The end”

  1. Erica Says:

    Mmm… tasty pancakes!

  2. suzthom Says:

    I really enjoyed getting to know a red panda and how one uses the internet. More on my gun buying later…………..

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